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REL are building services experts. Working across the industrial, commercial, education and residential sectors, we design and deliver sustainable solutions for mechanical, electrical, data and technical projects.

Previous Projects

Abacus House

Project:Abacus House, 33 Gutter Lane
Client: Kershaw Mechanical
Main Contractor: Kier Construction
Architect: Orms Designers and Architects
Value: £1.76m
Services: Electrical

The Ebury Centre

Project:The Ebury Centre, UTC
Client: Kershaw Mechanical
Main Contractor: Bouygues UK
Architect: Sheppard Robson
Value: £1.5m
Services: Electrical

Woodford County High School for Girls

Project: Woodford County High School for Girls
Client: Kershaw Mechanical Services
Main Contractor: Kier Construction
Architect: Hawkins Brown
Value: £800,000.00
Services: Electrical

Oakleigh Road South Vehicle Depot

Project: Oakleigh Road South vehicle depot
Client: Kershaw Mechanical Services
Main Contractor: Wilmott Dixon
Value: £680,000
Services: Electrical

Wembley High Technology College

Project: Wembley High Technology College
Client: KISG
Main Contractor: ISG
Architect: Curl la Tourelle Architects
Value: £1.4M
Services: Mechanical and Electrical

Wycombe Leisure Centre

Project: Wycombe Leisure Centre/Handy Cross development
Client: Kershaw Mechanical Services
Main Contractor: Wilmott Dixon
Architect: AFLS+P
Value: £2.2M
Services: Electrical

Lowther Primary School

Project: Lowther Primary School
Client: London Borough of Richmond Council
Main Contractor: Lakehouse Contracts Ltd
Architect: Patel Taylor
Value: £400,000
Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Royal Veterinary College

Project: Royal Veterinary College, North Mimms
Client: Royal Veterinary College
Main Contractor: Willmott Dixon
Architect: ArchitecturePLB
Value:  £800,000
Services: Electrical

Flitwick Leisure Centre

Project: Flitwick Leisure Centre
Client: STC Construction
Main Contractor: SDC Construction
Architect: B3 Architects
Value: £900,500
Services: Electrical

Willowfield Humanities College

Project:Willowfield Humanities College
Client: Bouygues UK
Main Contractor: Bouygues UK
Architect: HLM Architects
Value: £1,000,000
Services: Electrical

The Shard

Project: The Shard
Client: Sellar Property Group
Main Contractor: Ellmer Construction
Architect: Renzo Piano
Value: £1,000,000
Services: Mechanical & Electrical

Townley Grammar School

Project: Townley Grammar School
Client: Lakehouse Contracts
Main Contractor: Lakehouse Contracts
Architect: Baily Garner
Value: £800,000
Services: Mechanical and Electrical

Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre

Project: Waltham Forest Feel Good Centre
Client: ISG
Main Contractor: ISG
Architect: Baily Garner
Services: Mechanical

Glebe School

Project: Glebe School
Client: Lakehouse
Main Contractor: Lakehouse
Main Contractor: N/A
Value: £685,000
Services: Mechanical and Electrical

Tate Modern 2

Project: Tate Modern 2
Client: Tate Modern
Main Contractor: Byrne Bros
Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Value: £650,000 
Services: Electrical

BMW, Park Lane

Project: BMW, Park Lane, London
Client: BMW
Main Contractor: Styles & Wood
Architect: HamburyHird Ltd
Value: £900,000 
Services: Electrical

Mossbourne Academy

Project: Mossbourne Academy
Client: Willmott Dixon
Main Contractor: Willmott Dixon
Architect: Jestico and Whiles
Value: £900,000
Services: Electrical

Grey Court School

Project: Grey Court School
Client: Lakehouse
Main Contractor: Lakehouse
Architect: A Studio
Value: £1.2m
Services: Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing

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